Travel Diary

Sagada, Mt. Province – 2 days & 1 night

Where do broken hearts go nga ulit, Tita Whitney? Ahhh, sa Sagada! I’ve always wanted to visit Sagada since 2014 because of That Thing Called Tadhana film by Direk Antoinette Jadaone. I’m blessed because finally, someone volunteered to travel with me.

 Ticket to Baguio via Victory Liner Cubao is P455. There are few bus companies that offers trip from Cubao straight to Sagada and we chose to have two trips. We left Cubao at 11:55pm  and it’s a 6-hour trip.

From Victory Liner Baguio, we took a cab (P50) going to GL Trans bound to Sagada, Mt. Province. Fare is P220. It’s a standard bus. Windows were opened and we enjoyed the cold breeze.

Sagada, Mt. Province. We arrived at 12nn. When in Sagada, the first thing to do is to register at the Municipal Tourist Information Center. It’s just few steps away from GL Trans drop-off area. Everyone will pay for the environmental fee for P35. Always keep your receipts and present it at the sites that you will visit. They  handed us brochure that contains tours and guidelines.

For the accomodation, we chose Isabelo’s Inn & Cafe. In choosing accomodation, I based it in TripAdvisor. P980/2pax (490/pax). The room has a private CR, amazingly clean, includes complimentary breakfast, and wifi! I can say that Isabelo’s Inn & Cafe was perfect. The Inn is centrally located, few steps away from every single thing. I reccomend this to those who want their stay to be a great one. The owner is Sir Francis Isabelo Tudlong and you can reach him at 0926-25-74-861. In Sagada, lodging rates ranges from P250-P500/pax. 

We had lunch at the Yoghurt House. Rice meals ranges from P200-P250. I had Roasted Pork with rice for P220.

We started our tour at 4pm.

  1. The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin 
  2. Sagada Cemetery
  3. Echo Valley peak 
  4. Hanging Coffins 
  5. Sagada Weaving
  6. Ganduyan Museum

From Isabelo’s Inn, you can just walk and start your own DIY tour. In our case, we didn’t book an Eco Tour in the Municipal. We met Manang at the St. Mary Church and volunteered to come with us as we go on Echo Valley & Hanging Coffins. We gave her P200 for appreciation. 

It started drizzling and we decided not to go on Spelunking (Caving). Caving tours starts from P800-P1,500.

We had dinner at Sagada Brewery. Their meals ranges from P200-P250 also. I had Pork Sinigang for P200 and Caramel Macchiato brewed coffee for P100.

We booked for the Mt. Kiltepan Sunrise tour with a transport fee of P500 at the Municipal Tourist Information Center. Call time is 5:30 am and the van fetched us in front of the Inn. 

At the Mt. Kiltepan peak, there are concessionaires and we bought cup noodles for P40 each. The sunrise didn’t show up but the view is still excemptional. 

We had our complimentary breakfast at Isabelo’s and it was a good one! 

For the dessert, we tried Sagada Lemon Pie House. Lemon pie is P30/slice.

We checked out early and took the 11am trip to Baguio via GL Trans for P220. From Baguio to Cubao, it’s P455 via Victory Liner.

Total expense: P2,865.00

Tip: Bring your own water supply in Sagada to save money and while on tour. It is much cheaper when your circle is bigger.

PS: didn’t take much photos because I savoured every moment I was in Sagada. 


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