Just A Feeling · Kwento Ko Sa Pagong · Years From Now

Success is the best revenge? Magawa nga

That angry feeling you get when someone called you “bobo”. Tangina sarap manapak, ‘di ba?

In 2017, i’ll be graduating in College. In 2-3 years, i’m pretty sure that all pain and anger faded already. One thing i’m 100% sure of, i will STILL remember all the hurtful and humiliating words you told me. Don’t worry, i’ll tell my secretary to look and contact you so we can catch up. I might be a little late ‘cos for sure i’ll be coming from a board meeting then. Just wait for me, i won’t ditch you, i promise. I’ll ask my other secretary to assist you in all your needs for you to be comfortable while you’re inside my office. You feeling cold? Ask her for a blazer, i have one in the cabinet. You want coffee? She’ll go out to buy you your favorite Starbucks drink. I’ll tell two secretaries to treat you so well just like how i wanted to be treated by you before. Don’t worry, they won’t scold at you. They won’t judge you for what you’re wearing. I promise, they’ll be good.

I don’t tend to revenge in a bad way. I just badly want to show you how this “peanut-head” you look at will do in the corporate world. I can’t wait for that time to come that i’ll thank you for the thousands “bobo” you uttered to me that made an authentic and successful person.

“Bobo” “Tanga ka talaga” “Pinanganak kang bobo alam mo ba ‘yon?” “Artificial lang ‘yang talino mo, sa ‘kin natural” “Wala kang mararating” “Siguardong sa kangkungan ka pupulutin” “Buti kung makahanap ka ng magandang trabaho, eh bobo ka naman” “Umaasa kang may mararating ka?” “Wala kang silbi” “Salot ka lang eh. Pabigat ka. ‘Di ka ba aware?”

All these words. All these shit. Won’t. Let. Stop. From. Pursuing. My. Dreams. I am successful. I am successful. No one can stop me. 


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