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Leadership 101

Last week i made one of the most life-changing decision. I rejected the same position that i want from the highest organization in college and chose to stay in my home org.

People were telling me, “Dun ka na lang mas mataas ‘yun tska mas maganda ‘yun sa resume.” I then realized, why do people always see running for position as good for resume? Why go for the highest organization for the sake of “much better” for the resume? Why do people chase serving just for resume?

Serving people should come from the heart. I personally want to run for position in my home organization because i can see problems within the org and i want to be the solution to the problems. In my heart i know that i can and i will do it. I want to be the reformist and be an agent of change. I don’t aim to run just because it is good for MY resume. I want to run because i’ve wild dreams for my home org and its members. I want to rebrand my home org as a premium organization. I want the members to be involved in the decision-making within the organization. I want to them to engage with other schools and actively participate in conferences and seminars externally. I want to create events that will enhance their leadership skills. I want to mold leaders and not followers. I want to create impact on them and leave a legacy.

Leadership is a responsibility and not for resume. Serve from the heart and not for your own interest. Be an agent of change in the society and hopefully in the world. 


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