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Cloud 9

Earlier today, the deputy officer for Internal Vice President of Sanggunian asked me if i consider running for Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral. I was in total shock and actually shaking while reading the message. I mean, me??? I’ve never thought that people actually see me as a leader to be placed on a higher organization. I’ve been thinking lately if i should run for External Vice President for my home org. But being asked to run for the same position but for the whole student body of my school is just insane. Another opportunity. I feel like i’m floating in the air. It’s flattering. Surreal.

Lord, i don’t know if this is for me or what. But Lord, the fact that people see me as a good leader is such an honor already. Thank you Lord for that. You’re the reason where i am today, thank You. Lastly, I ask for your guidance. Please do lead my heart to Your path. To continue serving people with integrity and full of honesty. Lord, I offer this to You. I know You are with me. I love You.
  Photo taken above Singapore.


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