Achieve na Achieve

This 2016

This 2016,

1. I will keep my faith in Him.

2. I will love myself more.

3. I will keep silent and let my success be my noise.

4. I will protect my dreams and ambitions in life.

5. I will work harder and keep the hunger in me.

6. I will create opportunities and put my heart in everything that i’ll do.

7. I will invest for the long-run.

8. I will be practical as i can be.

9. I will continue to help people silently.

10. I will have patience in dealing with people.

11. I will close my eyes and breathe when i’m angry. Let it pass and move on.

12. I will never stop smiling even in my greatest downfall.

13. I will take care of my relationships with people.

14. I will show affection to my family especially to my lola for no one can ever tell what will happen next.

15. I will always remind myself of how blessed i am and notice the little things because they matter the most.

16. I will find new love.



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