Years From Now

100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die – On Progress

1. Go to a cat cafe

2. Watch an indie film. ALONE.

3. Ride the PNR (going anywhere)

4. Ride the water transpo (sa may Makati na hindi ko alam ang tawag)

5. Get a tribal tatt (hopfeully from Whang Od)

6. Purchase an Up Dharma Down’s Capacities or Bipolar album (awat na sa Spotify)

7. Watch the film Sana Dati by Jerrold Tarog

8. Finish College ON TIME (omg muntik ko na ‘to makalimutan)

9. Finish graduate school!!!! (Hello MA)

10. Watch Adele’s Concert Live

11. Finish an inspirational book about Marketing

12. Organize a charity work (cribs)

13. Buy myself a Michael Kors bag

14. Akyat sa Sagada beybeh!!! 

15. Win an award (regarding Marketing syempre pero pwede na rin from singing contests hihihi)

16. Eat in a themed-resto at Taiwan

17.  Attend a leadership training or conference abroad


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