Years From Now

Open Letter To AADG

September 20, 2015. Tonight, you just told me that after 5 years, i’ll end up working as a call center agent. You just called me a “puta” for several times. 

You’re working for 5 years now and you’re a Training Officer. You always say “OT ako” but i always caught you having dinner or coffee dates with your friends. You go out almost every day, yes even weekends. Drinking with your friends and going home as early as 4 in the morning. Good job, huh. I always hear you planning about out of town trips with your friends and one time i heard you talking about Cambodia trip with your high school friends. When you ask mom to buy something, she’d respond “May pera ka, ikaw bumili.” And you’d respond “Wala na akong pera next week pa sweldoko ikaw muna magbayad.” I wonder where your big ass salary go. You never fail to text us to feed your dog cos you said you’ll go home late (bcos you’ll have coffee or dinner with friends). You always ask mom to buy food for your dog to think that that’s not mom’s responsible anymore. Mom even paid for your dog food’s almost always. You don’t even know your duties and responsibilities as a pet owner. Lastly, your responsibilities as a daughter.

I just want you to ask you, don’t you have dreams? Do you have concrete plans in life? I admit, when i was young, i look up to you. Cos you’re smart, they say. And i felt happy when you finished college cos finally, you’ll help our parents in paying bills, buying groceries, and help build our dream house. Sadly, you did nothing. I am indeed disappointed with you. Very disappointed.

I know you’re not asking me these but i’d like to share what my dreams are. After finishing college on time, i’d like to pursue graduate school, enter the corporate world, have my own business, take up Film in UP, write screeplays, hopefully publish a book, purchase real estates, build a child house, and never stop helping people who helped me reached whoever i am 5-15 years from now. If you ask my what are my plans for our parents, i’ll not give them monetary every time its 15s or 30s. I’d like to give them monetary once a year. At least, 15-20k per year depending on my salary so i can still save up for my other plans. I’ll give them the bonuses that i’ll be receiving from my hard-earned work. So that when i reach 35-40s i can build a 3-storey apartment or commercial building. It’s my gift for them since they are retirees already at that time and it can serve as their additional source of income. It may be hard for me, but i’ll work my ass off to give all the goodness in life to them. I’ll give back because they deserve it so well. I am nothing without them. At 25, i want to celebrate my birthday outside the country, Korea or Japan will do. I’ll pay for their expenses of course and shop for them. I’ll work hard because i want to serve them and provide them well. I want them to live the life that i wanted you to give them now. I can’t see the perseverance in you. It seems that you’re already contented with your work and own actions. You’re being too complacent and lazy-ass. 

Five years from now, you’ll eat all the words that told me. I’ll prove you wrong, mark my word.
September 20, 2025. Five years now, look at me. I told you, i’d prove you wrong. And yes, I MADE IT. I am successful. By the way, how are you?


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