Kamote No More

Me and my other two friends applied as Junior Officers for our organization. And today, we just finished being interviewed. I was feeling nervous for my two friends and was busy helping them out for the interview. I was the one who encouraged them to join, cos i know that they can serve and i believe in their capabilities. By the way, my two friends were quiet type and they often lead but i must say that they’re good followers. I want them to step up and get out of their shells. I want to see them showcasing their skills and push them beyond their limits. They told me that they’re not satisfied with their answers during the interview. And it didn’t made me feel sad cos i believe so much in them. Accepted or not, i’ll always have their back and i won’t get tired of encouraging them to serve people. Right now, i’m proud of them. Proud that they trusted themselves as much as i trust them. Proud that depsite the fears, they were able to surpass the interview. I don’t care about myself. I know i didn’t do well during the interview. I don’t even know what i said earlier. All i care about now are my two friends. I hope they’ll be given a chance to serve and lead for a good leader must be a good follower. And they are good followers.

Today, i also learned to be selfless. My role was a bit hard cos i have these two friends whom i love and would love to see them grow and be on spotlight. They deserve that, i swear. I admit, it’s tiring to be on spotlight but the fullfilment was overwhelming. In our squad, they say that it’s me who always stands out. I say no, we all should stand out. 

Lord, whatever the result is, may you send us the Holy Spirit and guide our hearts to the right path of not giving up. All for Your Glory and not ours. 


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